Celebrating Dydd Santes Dwynwen 

One of the many perks of being #welshbymarriage is that I get not 1 but 2 valentines days each year. This week Hedd and I celebrated Dydd Santes Dwynwen / Santes Dwynwen Day which is the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Although with more of a back story. It is in celebration of Dwynwen- the Welsh saint of lovers- after all! The picture above is of the card I gave Hedd. It translates to “you are worth the world”…all together now:- awwww! Anyway enough of the slushy stuff, back to the stuff about learning Welsh!

Well this week has been a busy one at work so my plan to do 2 SSIW lessons had to fall by the wayside. However I did complete 1, lesson 4, this savo. It was tough as per but I’m heartened that I am still able to recall words and phrases from previous lessons which means deep down in my brain Welsh is slowly but surely colonising!

I’m following Aran from SSIW advise and cracking on with the lessons. I am determined to get to the end of lesson 5 and then take stock to decide whether to repeat 1-5 to make sure I’ve got all the words&phrases down. Only slight problem is if I do do that, I’ll be lucky if I complete level 1 (25 lessons) by Christmas! Hmm I’ll ponder that over this week.

So opposite and below is the new vocab that I learnt today. See I’m not lying…it’s tricky! I feel very lucky to have a ready made Welsh person to practice on each day and I’ll be trying out this vocab when I can this week in my newly discovered language:- ‘Welish’ (part Welsh, part English, spoken with confidence!)

I continue with my Duolingo each day, at least 2 lessons so I keep my “daily streak” going…yep I get push notifications from the app and all. Duolingo gets particularly upset if I get to about 4pm and not gone any Welsh….it sends me an email! 

This week on Duolingo I’ve completed 7 lessons on countries- some less adventurous places than others (Llydaw / Brittany anyone?). 

I also particularly like the Welsh for Spain- Sbaen. It is pronounced how the character Beverley in the play Abigail’s Party would say it. I played the role Beverly whilst at uni so that lesson had me reminiscing! Basically think Essex dialect and say Spain!

I’ve also discovered the Welsh for ‘Geography’ this week which is ‘daearyddiaeth’. What a mouth full! I did geography as my undergrad at uni where the word geography was said at least 50 times every lecture! If it had been daearyddiaeth this, daearyddiaeth that…crikey I’d have been late for the pub!

Anyway till next time, ta ra!