“Mwstas”- my new Welsh word fav’!

So I have a new favourite Welsh word that I have learnt this week…”mwstas”, Welsh for “moustache”. It’s a fav of mine in the English language so I’m pleased it’s an equally pleasing word to the eye and to say in the Welsh language! Not found an opportunity to use it in a sentence yet but I will endeavour to do so this week!

I am back completing Say Something in Welsh lessons- hooray! Still managed to recall learning after a 2 + week gap which was a relief! Having now completed Challenge 8 i’m 1/3 way through level 1. At the start of this lesson Aran promised that after completing all of level 1 I will be able to manage a whole week just communicating in Welsh…hmm, one step at a time eh!

Aran described the word game lessons as brain teasers today. And it really felt teasing as I strained to piece together the bits of Welsh I’ve learnt over the last 2 1/2 months to make new sentences; quickly having to decide if it past or present tense, if there’s a mutation, if the order of saying things in Welsh is different to English…all before Catrin starts to say the sentence. The game calls on me to park perfection and just give it a bash….80% right and you’re doing okay! I think I was there or there abouts!

In Duolingo this week I’ve completed lessons on ‘can&when’ and ‘describe 1’. My favourite phrase by far is “Dyn ni’n hoffi yfed gwin ddwywaith y dydd” / “we like to drink wine twice a day”!

We welcomed Hedds parents Ian and Beth for a weekend at ours this weekend. I was determined to speak Welsh as much as possible and I did alright. I think they were impressed with my range of vocab and willingness to practice. Or as we say in Welsh “ymarther”. And so to another week of ymarther ymarther ymarther!

Tara rwan!