Added Motivation

So the goal for October was to do 2 ‘Say Something In Welsh’ (SSIW) audio lessons and 2 SSIW lessons I did! Hoorah!

I pressed play on lesson 12 with some intrepidation as the last lesson I did was 4 months previous. It wasn’t as car crash as I thought but still quite car crash! But I decided not to repeat the lesson, and instead just pressed on and force my brain to recall things that I first learnt a while ago. My thinking? My Welsh must be in that brain of mine somewhere!

And that did bode me well for lesson 13….that and Aran’s opening statement:- “Remember you’re allowed (and encouraged) to make mistakes”...that’s alright then! And actually I did okay! The last 10 mins of the 40 min lesson we’re abit of a whirlwind- sentences got a bit too long for my head to manage with! But a good lesson all in all. Hedd was slightly concerned who the young man was that I met last night as I practiced a sentence that I had learnt on him at the end. I said it was him obviously…or was it 😉!

I’ve got 12 more lessons of my SSIW course to complete level 1, and it would be great if I was able to finish them before New Years but that might be pushing it. But I find myself now with an added motivation for my in-pursuit-of-Welsh journey….

Hedd and I are pregnant with our baby due at the end of January and we want our baby to grow up bilingual. So my target now is to complete the SSIW level 1 course before the baby is born. There, done, it’s in writing….I best crack on and accomplish it!

Hedd and I had a great time at the Eisteodfodd in Anglesey in August picking out Welsh baby books and we’ve also purchased the first singing Welsh toy in the world ‘Seren Swynol’. So we’re getting ‘mission bilingual’ prepared!

I’m still doing my daily(ish) welsh practice on the app Duolingo. I do not like the most recent update of the app and I’ve given up trying to keep the coins gold, opting instead to press on and learn new words. Duolingo is still as random as ever…a tiger in the office anyone?!

Ta ra rwan!


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