Saying “Yes” yn Gymreag / in Welsh

I remember quite vividly the first time I discovered that there was no single word in Welsh that answers “yes” to questions. I was dumbstruck. But I just want to say yes! Why can’t I just say yes?! [add expletives]!

I now come to think of it as one of the many things that makes Welsh unique and heck it’s a challenge why not! I still find myself playing the “yes roulette” when up staying with the V-E’s. The family are quite patient with me as I pause to make my choice from the plethora of ways to be accepting in Welsh. I’m happy to report that the odds in me making the right choice are improving!

So brace yourselves, these are the many ways to say “yes” yn Gymreag / in Welsh…well the ways I’ve discovered so far! (Oh yes I’m sure there are more ways than 9!)

  • Ydw- yes, I am.
  • Ydy- yes, he/she is.
  • Ydyn- yes, we/they are.
  • Oes- yes, she/he does.
  • Ie- yes (to questions that don’t start with a verb e.g. Is this yours?)
  • Byddi- yes, you will
  • Cei- yes, you can
  • Oedd- yes, it was
  • Do- yes, we/he/she/I did (where action completed in past tense)

Annnddd breath! As Hedd said to me this evening, why only have 1 way to say “yes” when you can have 9!

So now to the report of my learning over the last 7 days…well I’ve started my 5 minute a day SSIW listening exercise. Aran now narrates my train journey Kings Sutton to Heyford each morning! He gets around that SSIW producer!

Yesterday I completed Challenge 6 of the Level 1 SSIW course. Ooh it was a long one at 47mins. Longest one yet. I struggled come the end I have to admit as the left side of my brain ached from concentrating for so long. But I reckon I spoke 80% + of phrases right so I was pleased with that.
Keeping all my lesson “coins” gold in Duolingo has been a challenge this last week which is a shame because I’m looking forward to getting started on the next lessons in the app. They are entitled ‘commands 1’ and ‘commands 2’…watch out Hedd!

This week I’ve also discovered another learning resource. It’s called ‘Daily Welsh’ on the Pinterest app. There is a vocab sheet for near enough every occasion, including ‘The Face’. So I just gotta find the complimentary ‘The Body’ vocab sheet and then I’m good to go on the nursery rhyme Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Tara am rwan!