Hi, my name is Helen and in the photo with me is my lovely husband Hedd. I am proud to say I am Welsh-by-Marriage with the Vaughan-Evans’ being a Welsh first language family.

I was born in Portsmouth, spent the first year of my life living in Zambia, grew up in Plymouth and went to university in Durham. English is very much my first language!

The first time I was exposed to Welsh and the realisation that people actually use the language day in day out was when I got posted by the Local Government Association to Denbighshire County Council as a graduate. Aged 21, I found myself living in Mold, working in Ruthin and hearing Welsh being spoken by colleagues, friends and the residents we served. I soon learnt “Sori, dwi ddim yn siarad Cymraeg” (Sorry, I do not speak Welsh)!

I am now 30, married into the Vaughan-Evans and Jones clan and spent too many a family gathering not really knowing what’s being said and feeling like I am not able to participate fully. The time is right for me now to try to rectify that.

I last tried to learn Welsh in 2013/14 with limited success. 2017 is the year when I am going to crack this language and this blog is going to document my journey in the pursuit of welsh.


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